Cabins at Fallingwater

Bull Run, Pennsylvania (2010)


Respectful in the way suggested by Frank Lloyd Wright that architecture should be of the site, not upon it, the cottages at Fallingwater become integral with the landscape. At an edge between forest and meadow the cottages nest lightly and sit low in the landscape, neither invisible nor too intrusive, an architectural threshold at the spatial transitions within the site. The repetition six times of one cottage design provides for economy in construction and for coherence and subtlety in the composition of six cottages on the site. The carefully calibrated space between cabins and the gentle rise of green roofs complement the slope of the landscape as it drops gently toward the west. The six cottages will maintain their integrity should the meadows be reforested.




Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Honor Award



Custom Home Design Awards Grand Award “On The Boards”


Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture + Design Awards



Arkansas State AIA Merit Award [Unbuilt]