Since 1990, Marlon Blackwell Architects has designed for its clients award-winning, environmentally responsive projects. Our belief that architecture can happen anywhere, at any scale, at any budget - for anyone - drives us to challenge the conventions and models that often obscure other possibilities. We use an economy of means to deliver a maximum of meaning in places where architecture is often not expected to be found.


As an agile, full service design firm, we advocate a participatory, collaborative design process between the client, contractors, and architect, where all voices are heard from conceptualization to the realization of each project. In every instance, we strive to express the richness of the places we work and the ideals of the people and institutions we serve.



"[Blackwell's design] is truthful architecture – simple, powerful and steadfast"

- 2012 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Architecture comment by Billie Tsien on St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church


"I wanted to expand the school, but I couldn't do that in a building that looked like a day-care center. It had to look like something that parents could relate to as a school"

- Victoria Butler, owner of Fayetteville Montessori School


"It turns a rural shed into an evocative holy space . . . [including] the use of a discarded satellite dish transformed into a dome"

- 2014 AIA Honor Award's jury comment on St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church


"The project relies on the arts to catalyze economic development instead of the traditional retail base . . . the street is seen as a platform for capturing value"

- 2014 AIA 2014 Honor Award's comment on the Little Rock Creative Corridor


"The clinic is about half the cost per square foot of other medical facilities we've done in the area"

- Ryan Bennet, SSI contractor for Northest Arkansas Free Health Clinic


"The jury praised the way the project owns the landscape . . . Blackwell's deft design turned liabilities into assets  . . . and add up to a fun family house"

- 2010 AIA Residential Architect Award's jury comment on the L Stack House