Marlon Blackwell Architects 2017 Year in Review

Now that we are toe-deep into 2018, we are reflecting back on 2017 – what a great year it was! In 2017, MBA turned 26. We have 16 projects underway, with many collaborations – and in latest news, MBA was just selected by the Bureau of Overseas Building Operation (OBO) for the worldwide design services IDIQ contract! We have been working long and hard in hopes of becoming one of the 16 firms chosen this year, so we thank our lucky stars for this next big step!

Speaking of big steps, the Lamplighter School’s Innovation Lab and Barn in Dallas opened for students this past fall. Thank you to all those that played an integral role in the success of this project!

Also of note, Phase 2 of the Thaden Independent School broke ground in Bentonville this fall with a symbolic paper airplane toss to honor their name- sake, Louise Thaden – an American aviator who grew up in Bentonville. Stay tuned for updates on the con- struction, while Phase 3’s Wheels Building pedals along in the studio! We share this excitement with our partners in crime, Eskew + Dumez + Ripple of New Orleans and Andropogon of Philadelphia.