The Srygley Office Building

Fayetteville, Arkansas (2004)


An open challenge to what a suburban office building can be – the Srygley Office Building proposes another possibility. Situated in a small office park, the structure is sited in opposition to the prevailing orientation of other offices with their front façade to the street. Stretching north to south the building’s concrete block base is inflected at the center to provide a ‘slipped entry’, an extended void, for people to slide between — an industrial exoskeleton — that acts as both wall and roof.


This is a building made of tough materials on its exterior, but gives way to a more refined and enriched interior. At the south end of the building, rooms open out to decks with views to a creek below. The Srygley Office Building supports the notion of place specific architectural form and is set in opposition to the inexorable standardization of most contemporary construction.




Gulf States Regional AIA Design Citation Award



Arkansas State AIA design Honor Award